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Our Story – A Few Words From Bob Johnston

Hello and thank you for your interest in the SILVER HEARTH LODGE – A Private Mountaintop Retreat For Very Special Events.

Years ago, when I was just a boy, I remember my New England farm heritage as simple, satisfying and in truth. Back in the ‘good ole days,’ life seemed to revolve around the simple events that included family and friends – like a hike in the woods, a crackling bon fire with the sweet reward of a roasted marsh mallow to share, holding hands or a hug or kissing someone special, listening to a favorite song over and over and over again, watching the birds soar or the deer graze without fear, a family style picnic dinner hot off the grill, a good story shared with friends and family, catching lightening bugs in a jar or taking a nap in the big rope hammock. Ahhhhhhhh yes, we secretly yearn for simpler times that are safer and slower and more satisfying…and this lifestyle still exists today at the SILVER HEARTH LODGE located just minutes from Roanoke and on the very top of Bent Mountain.

In continuing this by-gone heritage, the SILVER HEARTH LODGE was conceived and developed as a private mountaintop retreat where friends and family could gather to relax, restore and reconnect. At its core, the SILVER HEARTH LODGE remains unchanged with abundant natural beauty of the flora and fauna, privacy from the outside world as well as the majestic views of the Blue Ridge Mountains to inspire us to escape from the stresses and strains of every day living. Today, after many years of hard work, we proudly avail our remarkable facilities to you so that you too might be inspired by our mission…to have fun, to be free and to give and receive love. Today, we refer to this weighty aspiration as living in truth.

And so, the word VERITAS is displayed in our antique stained glass window at the VISTAVIEW HALL for all to see and live by. In Roman mythology, Veritas (meaning “in truth”) was the goddess of truth, a daughter of Saturn and the mother of Virtue.

As we come full circle, we’re all about promoting the time tested tradition of simpler times at the SILVER HEARTH LODGE. Whether it’s an outdoor wedding ceremony & reception event, a corporate outing, a family reunion, a special event or just taking time to stop and enjoy all of the blessings that abound, living by this guideline is a non-negotiable for us. It was true back in the ‘good ole days’ and it remains true today…have fun, be free, give and receive love…live in truth, if you will, and life will only get better.

If you like what you saw during your “introduction,” will you tell others about us and discretely spread the word? If you have a suggestion on how we can improve the SILVER HEARTH LODGE to better serve our guests, will you tell us immediately?

Again, thank you for stopping to visit. Until we next connect, my best wishes are sent.

Bob Johnston, Proprietor