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All of the facilities were designed to attract the nature lover, the spiritually inclined and/or those who seek a serene event away from the influences of modern day living. Our abundant facilities are best suited to accommodate the couples who desire a very special place for a very special event in their life, the groups who want and need to reconnect with each other for a specified result and/or for the families who seek to disconnect from the every day stresses and strains of living and to bond with each other again.

Silver Hearth Lodge 040VISTAVIEW HALL – Over the years, ‘the big red barn’ has been transformed into its modern day personality now known as VISTAVIEW HALL. The structure has been photographed extensively over the years by friends, family and curiosity seekers. TThis architecturally bold building, which can seat up to 300 under roof and out of the elements, has been built from the trees which were harvested on the very site that is now occupied by VISTAVIEW HALL. If you look closely, you will see the teeth marks from the powerful 1800’s Frick saw mill that once turned these indigenous poplar sentinels into ‘rough sewn’ lumber. VISTAVIEW HALL now includes a luxurious bridal suite with a private toilet area, a “his” and “hers” toilet area for guests, a covered dance floor, a field kitchen with refrigeration, a raised silver hearth fireplace, rustic plank banquet tables with log benches, 3 hanging wooden slat swings, sensual direct and indirect lighting and a bon fire pit that is surrounded with Adirondack chairs.

Overlook PavilionOVERLOOK PAVILION – Fashioned after one of the great rustic wilderness camps of the Northeast, each of the colossal log uprights weighs more than 3000 lbs. and anchors this dramatic facility to the very top of the mountain. When visiting the OVERLOOK PAVILION, take time to enjoy a fire in the raised silver hearth fireplace and feel the comfort of her warmth or just settle in to one of the oversized teak wood rockers with lumbar supports and marvel at the incredible views for awhile. Whatever you do at the OVERLOOK PAVILION, you’ll quickly discover that this place will capture you in her spell.

Overlook ParkOVERLOOK PARK – This park was created for the restful at heart. As you descend the gigantic staircase that was fashioned from solid oak timbers, you’ll be moved by the scenic beauty of it all. Relax in the 2 hanging wooden slat swings that are located at the OVERLOOK TERRACE @ OVERLOOK PARK and watch the birds of prey soar high above you in the updrafts…these winged warriors are on a constant vigil for fun, food and frivolity. If privacy is more your thing, stroll over to the TOP SHELF @ OVERLOOK PARK and find your way down a hidden path that leads to a sitting area perched high atop an immense outcropping of rocks…it is from here that you’ll likely see or hear the deer and other resident wildlife hiding in the forest.

Tree GardenThe TREE GARDEN – A “suped-up” picnic area is how this facility has been described by some and yet if we look closely, it is much more than that. The trees, some dead and some alive, are the home to many of the property’s winged creatures. The huge plank tables and log benches, once towering plants and near the end of their natural life cycle, were transformed into useful furniture and will now serve visitors for years to come. The 2 lighted sky shelters make great conversation areas for those who wish to break bread in the shade on a hot summer afternoon. The TREE GARDEN also features a small stone fire pit with accessories, 2 redwood hanging swings, trash cans and a circular group of massive log benches for family style gatherings.

The ROCK GARDEN – Old fashioned relaxation and total freedom is what the shaded ROCK GARDEN area is all about. Whether you enjoy spending time in the 2 hanging wooden slat swings or in the 2 oversized rope hammocks, the ROCK GARDEN is a great place to read a book, take a nap or share some homemade ice cream with someone special.

Fire CircleThe FIRE CIRCLE – History reports that during a full moon or during a new moon, the Native Americans would perform a ‘fire ceremony’ around the FIRE CIRCLE to introduce newness into their life. The ritual was easy, simple and an awe-inspiring event. Each of the attendees would bring something that they would like to get rid of (during a full moon) or a prayer request of something new (during a new moon), that when burned, would turn to smoke and be released into the ethers (i.e. the fifth and highest element after air and earth and fire and water; believed to be the substance composing all heavenly bodies).

The ENCHANTED FOREST – This wilderness area of the property includes more than 3.5 miles of groomed hiking trails. Along the trails, you will find interesting diversions to include the STONE CHAPEL, the 2 SECLUSION STATIONS and 2 COMFORT STATIONS just to name a few. If you can find the ‘secret trail,’ it will lead you to a scenic pond that has floating flower blossoms and plenty of fish that have gotten big over the years.

Smith ParkSMITH PARK – This peaceful area was named after Cary Smith, a living legend who currently resides in Franklin County. With shear determination and great ingenuity, Cary has been very instrumental in transforming the SILVER HEARTH LODGE into what it is today. Cary is great man…soft spoken and understated would describe him best. Therefore, the embellishments within SMITH PARK reflect his individual character.

VIENNE PARK – Named after a great friend and crafty builder, the Vienne bridge stands strong and sturdy while spanning a stream of crystal pure water. The rustic bridge welcomes all who will cross in search of restful times, cool shade and 2 wooden slat hanging swings on the other side. Just imagine sharing refreshing beverages with a friend while passing the time together.

ABBOTT PARK – 2 antique tractor seats are located along the stream in memory of a lost love. As a later addition to ABBOTT PARK, 1 oak log resting bench was strategically added to allow you to enjoy the sound of the mesmerizing water fall.

Deadwood ArborThe DEADWOOD ARBOR – From the forces of Mother Nature came a nature inspired shelter. As a result of the reclamation of THE GROVE and many wind felled trees, an arbor was constructed from all dead wood to pay tribute to the benefits of reuse and recycling. Over the bridge and thru the arbor and at the end of a tree lined path sits the sister oak log resting bench to the one stationed in THE GROVE.

– This is the highest elevation on the property and at its highest point is an oak log resting bench. THE GROVE is delineated with a wind row of limbs and branches and vines and this manicured area is attractively accentuated with wild growing ferns. With some quiet time here, you will likely see the resident deer that visit each day or you may get to see one of the many wild turkeys who constantly forage for morsels of food each night.

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