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Outdoor Weddings and Receptions
2013 Pricing
(2012 Pricing Available Upon Request)

Reception Event [footnote #1] $2,570
Wedding Ceremony [footnote #2] 965

101 TO 150 PERSONS
Reception Event [#1] $2,980
Wedding Ceremony [#2] $1,070

151 TO 200 PERSONS
Reception Event [#1] $3,385
Wedding Ceremony [#2] $1,185

201 TO 250 PERSONS
Reception Event [#1] $3,785
Wedding Ceremony [#2] 1,300

251 TO 300 PERSONS
Reception Event [#1] $4,190
Wedding Ceremony [#2] 1,415


DEPOSIT:  To reserve a date at the SILVER HEARTH LODGE, a security deposit that is equal to 50% of the published Reception Event pricing (as shown above) and a signed FACILITY RENTAL AGREEMENT is required.  This deposit is not a part of nor applicable to the rental fees and it is refundable in accordance with the terms & conditions as set forth in the signed FACILITY RENTAL AGREEMENT.



 To Visit: by appointment ONLY (no drive thru visits), use directions posted here & do not use GPS or Google Maps.

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Thank you for your interest in the SILVER HEARTH LODGE – A PRIVATE MOUNTAINTOP RETREAT FOR VERY SPECIAL EVENTS.  Did you know that SILVER HEARTH LODGE is the  ONLY private mountain top wedding venue in the entire southeastern United States?  Looking for a truly unique place to paint your dream day event picture?  The SILVER HEARTH LODGE meets and exceeds this criteria and the views go on and on and on for as far as the eye can see!!!


This 40 acre retreat encompasses the very top of Bent Mountain, at an elevation of 3000’ above sea level, and it can be all yours to create your dream wedding and reception or special event.  SILVER HEARTH LODGE is unparalleled in “refined rustic” event venues and the facilities are amazing!  It is a private gated day lodge that does not offer overnight accommodations nor any fully enclosed/climate controlled event facilities and it does not have restrictions on which vendors you choose to use for your special event.  The rental of the SILVER HEARTH LODGE includes the following:



-       Usage from 12:00 noon until 12 midnight (please allow adequate time for clean up and departure by 12 midnight).  This day and these times are considered the rental period or the event.

-       Use of the weather shielded (covered, under roof) VISTAVIEW HALL to include:

  • 8’ rectangular banquet tables to accommodate the total # of persons who will be attending, one time set up and take down (assuming a min. of 8 persons per 8’ table)
  • Metal folding chairs for the total # of persons who will be attending, one time set up and take down
  • Up to 6 extra tables (8’ rectangular banquet, 6’ rectangular [3 are available], 5’ round [3 are available], 4’ round [3 are available] and/or misc. rustic wooden farm tables [3 of these are available including an aged oak wine barrel]) for use as determined (i.e. for beverages, gifts, DJ, guest book)
  • 2 rustic 10’ wooden plank tables and 4 rustic 9’ log benches
  • Use of the silver hearth fire place (inclu. fire wood)
  • Wooden dance floor with high tech dance lighting
  • Rustic Cantina Bar
  • Bessie the red tuxedoed cow with her announcement chalk board
  • Stunning facility lighting
  • Field kitchen facilities include 4 full-size refrigerator/freezers, stainless steel (“SS”) prep table, 3 compartment SS pots & pans wash sink, 3 full-size ovens with a warming oven, an electric cook top, Jenn-Air SS gas grill and a SS bar sink and a hand washing sink with mirror
  • The stone BON FIRE PIT (inclu. fire wood) w/ 8 Adirondack chairs & 2 log benches
  • Regulation horseshoe pits with horseshoes
  • A fully stocked first aid station (over the counter supplies only)
  • An assortment of outdoor blankets (1 dozen)
  • An assortment of full size umbrellas (1 dozen)
  • Metal refuse cans with trash bags
  • Refined rustic bathrooms for guests

-       Use of the weather shielded (covered, under roof) OVERLOOK PAVILION to include:

  • 4 big rocking chairs
  • 1 rustic 10’ wooden plank table
  • 1 wooden top 8’ conference table with 6 swivel chairs
  • Use of the silver hearth fire place (inclu. fire wood)
  • 2 cushioned chaise lounge chairs
  • 2 aluminum patio tables with 7 patio chairs & 2 log benches
  • Stunning facility lighting
  • 2 metal refuse cans with trash bags

-       Use of the OVERLOOK PAVILION school swings

-       Use of the TERRACE at OVERLOOK PARK area with 2 hanging swings

-       Use of the ROCK GARDEN area with 2 hanging swings

-       Photo op usage of the following facilities:

  • 1949 Studebaker Pickup “Welcome Wagon”
  •  The LOVE bench
  • The 3.5 mile hiking trail in the ENCHANTED FOREST that includes:

-       Storage area for items to be dropped off/stored in advance of the event (subject to approval and if so, at you own risk)

-       On-site parking with lighting (an extra charge may be levied for overnight parking)



-       Usage during the RECEPTION EVENT hours

-       “White” fabric covered metal folding chairs for total # of persons who will be attending, one time set up and take down

-       Wrought iron ceremony stands (2 are available)

-       1890’s domed wrought iron wedding gazebo and pine grove area for the chairs

-       The luxuriously furnished bridal suite & private dressing room in VISTAVIEW HALL

-       The handsomely appointed grooms ‘SUGAR CAMP’ @ VISTAVIEW HALL

-       2-hour rehearsal the day before wedding ceremony (non-exclusive use of SHL)

  • For a:

Sunday wedding, 9AM – 11AM on Saturday the day before,

Saturday wedding, 9AM – 11AM on Friday the day before,

Friday wedding, 5PM – 7PM on Thursday the day before,

Mon.-Thurs. wedding, day, date & time to be determined.

  • NOTES:
  1. If the 2-hour rehearsal requires any set up/take down (other than the 1st 2 rows of wedding chairs in the wedding ceremony area), there will be a minimum extra charge of $100.
  2. If there is a change in these rehearsal times or days, this must be approved by SHL and there will be a minimum charge of $100.

-       As part of our regular published rental rates as shown above (this does not apply to discounted rental rates), two (2) 1-hour familiarization and planning sessions are included for the bride and/or “day-of” coordinator with one of our expert wedding planners.  If the bride has her own wedding planner who is not a SHL approved wedding planner, the two (2) 1-hour familiarization and planning sessions will not be offered.

-       An on-site pre-planning meeting with SHL staff a min. of 2 weeks in advance (this is mandatory)

-       Raised wooden bandstand that is located near the wedding gazebo.

-       Facility lighting



A clean up and refuse removal fee is required as follows: $100 – up to 100 persons, $200 – 101 up to 200 persons, $300 – 201 up to 300 persons.  Regular and routine clean up assumes the following:

1. No missing or physical damage to the building, furniture, fixtures, equipment or property.

2. No excessive cleaning required as a result of event use.

3. You must remove all decorations and personal property from the SHL facility at the end of your event.

4. All vendor/rental equipment must be neatly stacked in the field kitchen area for pick up.

5. You must follow all SHL rules, whether written or oral.

Generally speaking, you should place all of your trash in the SHL trash cans and leave the property in “broom swept” condition…we will break down the tables & chairs and haul away the refuse.  The SHL furnishes trash cans and trash bags and does not provide any other kitchen and cleaning items.  If the above terms are not met, your clean up and refuse removal fee may be increased accordingly to off-set to extra costs incurred.


OPTIONAL EXTRAS (rev. 6/8/12)…

The following extras are considered “additional” and these are not included as part of the rental period or the event unless checked.  These Optional extras can be decided on at a later date (no less than 48 hours in advance of your event, subject to availability.)

____Additional per hour charge beyond the contracted event & rehearsal time          $200.00

____Tractor-drawn event carriage ride (30 minutes)                                                         125.00

____Event carriage (rented as a prop)                                                                     50.00

____Use of the Native American inspired FIRE CIRCLE area (inclu. fire wood)  150.00

____Outdoor S.S. patio heater (each) – 41,000 BTU (inclu. 20 lb. tank of LP gas)             90.00

____Webber charcoal grill (inclu. charcoal)                                                                        35.00

____Electric churn homemade ice cream maker (exclu. rock salt, ice, ingred.)                   35.00

____Outdoor gas cooker with large stew pot         (inclu. 20 lb. tank of LP gas)                 35.00

____Galvanized metal ice/drink tubs (large round – 22” x 11” deep – each)                        15.00 (small oblong – 22” x 13” x 7” deep – each)             10.00

____Beer keg cooling tub                                                                                        15.00

____Stainless steel champagne bucket with stand                                                   25.00

____Stainless steel champagne pails                                                                                    10.00

____Cake stand, silver, 15” round footed plateau, 3” high                                                 15.00

____Vintage silver tea pots for floral centerpieces                                                              15.00

____Rustic wire gift card box with bow tie cover                                                    15.00

____Plate/platter stands – 7” high (6), 9” high (2) and 10” high (3) (each)                            5.00

____Steamfast fabric/garment/event dress/clothes steamer for the bridal suite                   55.00

____20 1b. bag of ice (on-site, inventoried, available and charged based upon usage)       10.00

____Long wooden handled & stainless steel marshmallow skewers (for 10)                      15.00

____30” ivory shepherds hooks for hanging flower baskets, tulle fabric or other (each)   7.00

____Music stand, wrought iron                                                                               10.00

____Gazebo candle chandelier, 8 votive candles, wrought iron                              25.00

____6” x 6” x 11” silver tin & glass garden lanterns (candles included) (each)                     7.50

____9’ burlap table cloths (rental each)                                                                     9.00

____11” helium balloons (each)                                                                                1.00

____SHL approved Chinese Wish Lanterns – white (each)                                                    5.00

____Other lawn games (each)                                                                                 15.00

2 sets of horseshoes without pits

2 sets of soft tip lawn darts

2 sets of bean ball bocce

1 corn hole game

1 volleyball game

____Custom table linens (standard to high end)                                   as per custom quote

____Custom sound and audio equipment (voice, I-Pod, CD player, etc.)   as per custom quote

____Consultation time with a SHL professional event planner             as per custom quote

____SHL Coffee/Bev. Bar (onsite, stocked and set up for your event)       as per custom quote

____Vintage mismatched table china (view this on our Facebook Page)    as per custom quote

____Pen & Ink SHL “Welcome Wagon” art work (prints & note cards)    as per custom quote

____SHL approved sparklers                                                               as per custom quote

____Bride/Groom and guests to stay overnight, on-site, after your event   as per custom quote

____Other_________________________________________________________ Fee______



After you rent the SILVER HEARTH LODGE, you can pick and choose whatever your hearts desire to define your event.  With just a few phone calls, you can personally secure your own catering, food, beverage, cake/cake stand/cake cutting-serving utensils, wait staff, bar tender, children’s activity supervisor, florist, favors and gifts, invitations and cards, entertainment, sound system, musician, wedding officiant, photographer/videographer, specialty lighting, extension cords/electrical supplies, kitchen/cleaning supplies, candles/lighters, tools/ladders/hardware, tents and similar rental items, hair and make-up, couture, crystal/china/silverware, napkins/linens/table cloths and other table decor, transportation, parking/valet, cleaning supplies, food prep/handling/storage supplies, etc. at whatever price and level of quality/quantity that works best for you.  We can assist you with these personal details by revealing a comprehensive list of vendors who will provide you with an array of goods & services to make your event perfect.


Let’s face it – planning a wedding can be very stressful.  Too often, we forget to enjoy the flurry of preparations and the sense of anticipation leading up to one of the happiest days of our lives.  With the help of an experienced wedding planner though, the planning and the actual wedding itself should go off without a hitch.  With the help of a seasoned wedding planner, you will be free to enjoy the incredible experience of the ‘fairy tale’ wedding that you have always dreamed of.  For your safety, to minimize your stress and to help you get started with planning, organizing and implementing your special wedding, the SILVER HEARTH LODGE will include 2 1-hour sessions (as part of the Wedding Ceremony charge [this is not included for events that receive discounted rates]) with one of our professional wedding planners…after that, it’s up to you.  If you’d like to hire one of our professional wedding planners outside of the 2 1-hour sessions, we’d be glad to get you a custom quote to meet your needs.  If you’d prefer help with or to be relieved of the wedding and ceremony details all together, we strongly encourage you to contract with one of our expert wedding planners for the job.


No matter how carefully planned an event may be, unexpected issues can sometimes crop up at the last minute to threaten the tranquility of the day.  If this happens, please remember that the day is more about you and your fiancé joining together than hosting a great party…take a deep breath, laugh if you can, and ask your family and friends for help in solving the problem at hand.


…so bring along a delicious picnic lunch, a blanket and spread out on our lawn and experience why others have said “the SILVER HEARTH LODGE is too much WOW for words.” 


You’re got to see and feel this place!  When it is HOT in the summer, it is COOL on the mountaintop!



  1. Other types of events (i.e. company picnics, birthday parties, corporate outings, family reunions, musical events, high teas, wine/hard cider/mead tastings) costs/parameters are available upon request.
  2. Elopement option costs/parameters are available upon request.
  3. Photo shoot costs/parameters are available upon request.


Bob Johnston

E.mail:  bob@silverhearthlodge.com

Phone:  (540) 929-4221

Silver Hearth Lodge

10231 Sugar Camp Creek Road

Bent Mountain, VA  24059



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