Brides from Northern Virginia, Charlottesville, and the Northeastern part of the United States flock to our private mountain-top wedding venue all throughout the year.

In fact, couples from all 50 states and several countries come to get married here and today on the blog we wanted to take a few minutes and talk about what makes our venue so popular among couples and why they choose our facility.

What is so Unique About Your Wedding Venue?

First, our wedding venue is on top of Bent Mountain in Virginia. The views from this 3,000 ft height are amazing to look at every evening.

While most venues look up towards the mountains in this part of the United States, our is looking down and out into the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Second, our 40-acre facility is made up of several smaller pieces and we’re the only wedding venue in this part of the country that has several places to get married at, not just one or two.

Some of the more popular spots on our campus include:

  • Rustic Wedding Arbor with mountain views
  • A pavilion overlooking the Blue Ridge mountains
  • A Native American Fire Circle
  • Vista view Hall, a large barn style center that can hold 300 guests
  • Virginia’s smallest church

Third, you can choose how you want to have your wedding day. Unlike most venues, if you want to do something special, we will make it happen at Silver Hearth Lodge.

We’ve had brides come in on a helicopter, brides that have wedding themes, couples that want over-the-top celebrations, and much more.

If you want something low-key or something over-the-top, we’re glad to make it happen for you! While other venues put you with restrictions on what you can and can’t do, we allow couples to express themselves with their own wedding, putting a true spin on it and allowing your dreams to come true.

Fourth, our level of detail at the venue. We are always striving to make our facility an over the top experience with couples, vendors, and guests alike.

With details at every corner, from the decor to the strategic placement of tissue boxes, built-in fans, lights, and dance lights, we offer a never-ending stop when it comes to the ‘wow’ factor among couples.

We once had someone tell us that we were like the “Disneyland” of wedding venues and we take that to heart because we truly want couples to have the wedding the way they want, not confined to the limitations of the venue.

Have you had any famous people get married at the venue?

Yes, in fact, we have had a few Hollywood celebrities at the venue, although we can’t disclose that information.

What about destination couples, do you do many of them?

Yes, we do, in fact, we have had couples from the NorthEastern part of the United States, the West Coast, from Hawaii, the Mid-West, the South, and just about everywhere in between too.

We’ve also had couples from other countries come to our venue to relax and take in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains too. We have a great mix of local, regional, and out-of-state couples come to the wedding venue.

What does the wedding venue have to offer?

Unlike most other wedding venues, we have thought in mind when it comes to children, the elderly, four-legged friends, and much more.

We’re the only wedding venue in the region with a permanent build-in playground for kids, allowing them to help pass the time, with a slide, swings, treehouse, and picnic table.

For your dogs, we feature two outdoor kennels with fresh water bowls, room to run, and two dog houses to rest while the party is going and four those that are a bit older, we have a ‘living room’ with two large televisions, Ralph Loren Couches and board-games like tic-tac-toe.

We also have an outdoor games area with horseshoes, bean bag toss, and much more.

For those that wish to relax, we have both the overlook pavilion with endless views of the Blue Ridge Mountains, our tree-top terrace where you can relax under our grand oak-tree, and a swinging porch with several rocking chairs.

What should I do if I want to learn more and see the venue?

First, fill out the online form on our contact us page.

You’ll work with Ashley and Bob about setting up an appointment to take a visit to the venue, you’ll learn more about the facility first-hand and from there you will book with us.

In the meantime, you can check out this full-length video about all the various parts of the wedding campus.