When it comes to bridal suites for your wedding day, they’re not all the same. Some are dedicated rooms filled with just about everything you can think of and others, well they’re just rooms with many lacking essentials for the day.

Well, today on the blog we’re going to talk about some of those essentials, what you NEED for the day, and provide you some other basic information in the process.

What are the Basics of a Bridal Suite?

When you first think of them, you think of a place to get in your wedding dress, then usually you’re thinking of a place to do hair and makeup and that’s true.

However, thinking of the bridal suite at a wedding venue needs to be more of a command center if you will, a place where you and your ladies will prep for the day, a place to regroup during any portion of the day, to store your personal effects and to also make any decisions that may come up like rain, perhaps last minutes changes to table setups and the like too.

Every bridal suite should have the following:

  • A Mirror
  • Good Lighting
  • Table for makeup
  • Chairs for hair and to relax in
  • Tables for all your needs
  • Bathroom or bathroom nearby

Each bridal suite needs to be able to accommodate all the needs that you may have.

For example, I’ve seen suites that have just one power outlet in the room.

Well, a bridal party of 4 bridesmaids, maid-of-honor, flower girl, and bride can’t just use two plugs for all the rollers, blow driers, cell phones, makeup lights, curling ironers for the day. Here at Silver Hearth Lodge, we’ve installed power outlets all throughout the bridal suite, so many in fact that each person could have their own “station” and there would still be outlets left over.

Having a mirror is important, in fact, the more, the better.

We have several mirrors in the bridal suite both at the dedicated makeup table as well as the bridal suites hair salon station too.

And along with that, tons of lighting, without that, it would be difficult to put on your make-up, eyes, and anything else for that matter. There should be at a minimum, one good-sized mirror in the room.

Additionally, you should have a table where you can do your make-up, charge the cellphone, layout cases, hair care products, and anything else that you may need as well. And again, it will want to be well lit so you can see everything clearly.

About a year ago, I was at a wedding that was held at a winery.

While the venue was nice, the bridal suite was nothing more than a backroom with storage, one small table, and two lamps.

While there was space to soss about your clothes, it wasn’t ideal for preparations and the bride actually did her makeup in the parking lot because it was better lit than the room.

Beyond the basic chair to sit in, you’ll really want comfy couches or chairs to relax in, after all, you’ll be stressed enough with the wedding day. Being as comfortable as possible for you and all your bridesmaids will be (or should be) number one on your list when looking for a wedding venue.

What makes our Bridal Suite Unique?

One of the things that we’ve done at Silver Hearth Lodge is to create an atmosphere in the bridal suite with your needs in mind first. From the Ralph Lauren couch, the victorian post bed, the shower/restroom, hair salon suite, crystal chandelier, and private onlook are just a few of the great things about the suite.

Now many places will have good wedding bridal suites, but what makes our a bit different is that we’ve listened to you when designing it. A bride would make their way through their own wedding, we would ask them what would make things better, then implement that change for the next wedding.

Let me give you an example.

Years ago, we had a bride that was getting ready in the bridal suite and she had an issue, there weren’t enough plugs for all the things she needed power too as we mentioned beforehand, hairdryers, cell phone chargers, and the like.

Well, after telling us about her frustration, we that following Monday we installed several more outlets and expanded it to more than double what she was using.

Since then, every bride had come into the bridal suite with amazement that there was more than enough power for everything they’d ever need and then some.

Well, its dedication that makes us different, a continuous improvement if you will that sets us apart from other venues.