Guide to Roanoke Wedding Venues

If you are in the marketplace for a Roanoke Wedding Venue for your future wedding day, we have some great advice on how to choose the right one for your needs.

See, not all wedding venues are the same, in fact, many aren’t wedding venues at all, many offer weddings on the side, like a hotel, winery, or estate.

In the blog today, we’ll give you some wonderful information on what to ask and what to seek when looking for a wedding and reception location.

What Defines a Wedding Venue?

A wedding venue is a location that hosts an event and a wedding venue is one that is dedicated to weddings and wedding-related events, like bridal showers for example.

The purpose of a venue is to have a wedding ceremony, to entertain wedding guests, and make great memories in the process.

Venues come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and styles here in our region of Virginia.

What you’ll find mostly in southwestern Virginia is the country rustic barn style venue, luxury rustic venues, followed by pavilions, estates, hotels, wineries, country clubs, and banquet halls.

The most popular, barn-style venues like ours are going to be what most couples steer towards because of the outdoors, the Blue Ridge Mountains, and the views it has to offer.

What Should I look for in a Wedding Venue?

There are some key elements that you need to look for when booking a venue, most of it is just common sense.

First, you want to make sure that the venue can hold enough guests. If for example you’re wanting to have a wedding with 200 guests but the venue can only handle 125, then that’s an issue.

Make sure the facility can handle your wedding size, otherwise it’s off the table.

Second, the bridal suite. One thing I can tell you is that not all venues have a dedicated bridal suite. Often times you will find that the place you’re going to get married will not have a suite or room for you and the bridal party.

So, make sure there is room for the ladies as well as one for the groomsmen too.

Speaking of bridal suites, there are a few things that you want to have.

  • Great Lighting
  • Power Outlets
  • Mirrors
  • Bathroom

Make sure the bridal suite has plenty of great lighting because your hair and makeup artists will need it to make you look like a million bucks. In turn, the wedding photographer and videographer will want great lighting for images and their video too.

If the bridal suite at the venue is dark, you may want to think otherwise about it.

You also want to have enough power outlets for the blow dryers, curling irons, and all the cell phones that need charging too.

Also, make sure the room has mirrors, at least a couple of larger ones so you and everyone else can see easily while getting ready.

Finally, you’ll want to make sure there is a bathroom nearby or in the suite if possible. Trust me, it’s important to have one close to the bridal suite if you need to use the restroom.

A few other things to look for in a great wedding venue include having enough parking for everyone, having access to a kitchen or prep area for catering, and the cake baker is important.

What price ranges should a wedding venue have?

Good question. The reality is that you’ll find wedding venues of all price ranges, from just a few hundred dollars to more than $20,000 in our area of Virginia.

Price is going to also come with the amenities of the venue, the day in which you get married, the season you get married, the demand of the venue, and the return on your investment too, aka the experience.

I will tell you that the average price range for a wedding venue is somewhere in the $5,000 range.

That’s going to get you the entire venue for about half a day, your ceremony, reception, and dinner will all be at the single venue.

You’re also paying for the taxes, insurance, the major cleanup, the setup, the electricity, wifi if they have it, and any employees that come with the venue for the day.

What makes your venue unique among all others in Roanoke?

Silver Hearth Lodge is different in many ways.

First, it’s not just a single venue, it’s several smaller venues wrapped up in one large campus. See, most venues are going to have one perhaps two spots to get married at on their property, well at our facility we have many!

We’ve been called the “Disneyland of wedding venues” because at our 40-acre campus, we offer multiple ways to have your ceremony and we let you have the wedding the way you want.

From our overlook pavilion with mountain top views to our large building Vistaview Hall, our Native American fire circle, the smallest chapel in the commonwealth Sacred Heart Chapel and our domed rot-iron gazebo, and our TreeTop Terrace, we have many options for you.

Second, our venue is unique to the entire SouthEastern part of the United States because we’re the only private mountain wedding venue in this part of the nation. We offer some of the best views of the Blue Ridge Mountains atop our facility!

Third, is our attention to detail.

At just about every turn at our facilities, you’re going to find high-end details. Flaming piano’s, coffee and tea bars, luxury furniture, decor, a high-end bridal suite, and dedicated groom’s cabin, a children’s playground, outdoor games court, are just a handful of the great things you’ll find at our venue.

Fourth is our staff and preferred vendors.

What you’ll find at our wedding venue is that we go over and beyond when it comes to making our couples have a great experience and it shows!

We have couples that come locally, nationally, and even internationally to get married.

From Virginia Tech Brides to couples from Hawaii, New York, and the West Coast, we also have couples from overseas that come to celebrate their very special day.

We also have an exclusive vendors list that will provide discounts, value-added services and they have been hand-selected to offer you the very best our region has to offer.

Finally, we provide you an amazing experience.

When you book us for your wedding day, you’re not just a bride, groom, or couple. You become part of our very unique and special family.

What you’ll find is that from your first in-person meeting to you coming back from your honeymoon, you’ll get a one-of-a-kind experience that matters the most, making the best memories for your wedding day!