Wedding Secrets Found at Silver Hearth Lodge

Wedding venues tend to be cookie-cutter in nature, typically a box big venue with each wedding looking much the same, from the location of where the couple sits for dinner to where the cake is placed.

Some wedding venues such as ours have some unique, secret features that you simply can’t find anywhere at any other venue.

Today, we’re going to discover those secrets and share them with you today!

Children’s Playground

Most wedding venues don’t often think of the kid’s and often times during the wedding reception, they are bored.

Well, our first secret is that there is a huge playground o the backside of the venue complete with slides, swings, a picnic table, and a seesaw.

For those a bit older, we have larger swings down below the Overlook Pavilion that are a bit on the private side too.

Bridal Suite Hidden Trap Door

Brides sometimes want to be able to see what’s going on without being seen, so our next wedding secret is the bridal trap door.

It opens into a private indoor balcony that is covered in burlap. Brides and bridesmaids can see through the burlap to make changes to the reception or just to take in and see people setting everything up.

It’s a small unknown secret that only couples know about.

Dog Kennel

Silver Hearth Lodge also has a secret for its four-legged friends, a dog hotel.

This dog kennel features two dog houses, freshwater, and a kennel to run around in as well.

Hardly any wedding venues offer a dog kennel for people to bring their pets at their wedding, but we love them!

Flaming Piano

Here is an unknown secret, Silver Hearth Lodge has a flaming Piano.

This upright piano has been retrofitted with a propane flame, shooting flames from the top allowing people to make smores.

When it’s not in use, it’s in plain view behind the DJ table.

Secret Coffee Bar

Want to wet your whistle? Well, we have Horizons Cafe, a Starbucks and Tea bar that couples can choose as a paid option for the wedding day.

It’s great for weddings in the spring or fall, being able to have a cup of Starbucks coffee, freshly brewed iced tea, or just a glass of ice water, the coffee bar has a little bit of everything.

When this bar is running, you can find it next to the restrooms in Vistaview Hall.

Secret Pricing on Vendors

Another wedding venue secret here at SHL, big savings on wedding vendors.

First, we’ve negotiated a great deal on a Roanoke Wedding DJ.

DJ Tony will rock the building covering your wedding reception with the music of your choice and MC the event here at the venue.

The price, just $600, it’s normally $950.

Our other wedding vendor deal is with Wedding Photography And Films. Owners Carole and Joshua Gabrielson have provided us with three great deals and have cut their pricing just for the wedding venue.

Choose a micro-wedding photography package, an all-day photography package, or a photo/film package. The prices are $500, $1,500 and $2,000 respectively.

FirePit Secrets

Along with the flaming piano, Silver Hearth has a very large firepit at the Native American Fire Circle. Not only does the staff fire up the firepit during the wedding reception but there is a small secret and that’s within the tower at the firepit, it also doubles as a flaming tower.

The tower and firepit both are tied into a propane system which helps allow it to keep going throughout the evening.


Sistine Chapel Ceiling

Although many people know that Silver Hearth Lodge is home to Virginia’s Smallest Chapel, most people that have never visited the church don’t realize there is a nod to Michelangelo himself, a replica of the Sistine Chapel Ceiling.

When you step inside this smallest micro-wedding venue, you’ll see a recreation of the popular 1500’s art placed on the ceiling of the property.


Domed Rod Iron Gazebo

The most popular part of the wedding venue has a bit of history to it and it’s from the other side of the world. The main structure was actually made in 1890 in Egypt, done all by hand, it was later retrofitted in 1870 with the lights on each side.  The overall structure is more than 130 years old and was transported to Silver Hearth Lodge just for weddings, now that’s a cool little secret!

There are plenty of other wedding secrets that we have here at the Silver Hearth Lodge campus, although in order to discover them you’ll need to have Ashly or Bob take you on a tour of the facility to learn about them. Just about everywhere you turn on the 40-acre campus, you’re going to find these little caveats of wonder as they seem to never end on this luxury rustic wedding venue.